Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yesterdays Entry

today was renaissance but i call it th awards. 1st period was normal, then went to renaissance rite aftr. a lot of ppl didn go cuz they were too lazy to raise their grades. th 1st dance in th awards was ok, but th 2nd dance w/ th glowy sticks n rihanna music was SICK!!!...:D. 3rd part 3 madonnas which were mr chang, mr peters, n mr allen. mr peters was mor dressed lik madonna. but mr chang had style n attitude to be madonna. even if he didn look tht much lik madonna he still won. a lot of th smart ppl got th bronzy. they were too lazy to raise up their grades. only a few ppl got th silver n gold awards n medals. aftr renaissance th periods got shorter. i didn see sam, sergio, sadam, michael, n andrew a go to renaissance. theyre not smart enough haha...:D. 7th period, we were suppose to get th poems all recited but time was shortened n we had to turn in out lap tops. i got a strike for a broken part in th lap top. 1 strike= warning, 2 strikes= u do not want to get anothr, 3rd strike= ur out w/ th restricted use. well those lap tops were cheap n not soo expensive. l8r were gona get bettr 1s tht r note book shaped. i got home "she" was on, but i didn get to tok to "her" cuz she went on 2 minutes b4 we had to go to cell group. it was fun especially w/ austin making jokes during mini cell n scaring patricia. hes kool but jus a littl annoying. me n him challenged sam 2 on 3 at basketball. les jus say tht we got beaten rlly bad. andrew, jeremy, george, jessie, all those ppl came rite aftr. they made a new game w/ real players. sam was all telling them tht me n austin suk n all tht crap. it didn matter, so aftr tht i went home n my bro dropped off jenifer 1 of michelle's friend. cell group wudve been bettr w/ michelle ther. n i got home was chatting w/ ryu n marissa on fb. me n marissa started a covo on ryus wall bout plans for th summer. ryu joined in aftr a few comments. i was chatting w/ him on fb chat. i was all toking to him bout wat happened w/ kyori, me, n "her". i told ryu stuff bout it. then i told him som of my secrets. aftr tht he had to go n yea. ahh ryu n marissa 1 of my 2 favrit cuzins. went to sleep aftr tht.

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