Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last Day of Skool... T_T :D

well tis yr was great. i got to meet new ppl n they became my best allies. we didn bring our bakpaks cuz its th las day of skool. 1st period, watched csi n fell asleep n chris was taking random pics of me n michael. 2nd period, signed yr books watever :D. then as i was woking to 3rd, saw sergio, sam, n andrew a. didn see sadam, he was probably hiding cuz they were all dressed formal. 3rd period, mrs moran wasnt ther but she gav us wrk to do. mrs morans th wrst, well i guessed on it anyway so w/e. didn see sergio, sam, andrew a, n adam. theyve all passed on to th nxt lvl. farewell my allies, but meeting sergio tmrrw at th movies. PE did nothing, 6th period, mr yen showed us a video of his trip w othr teachrs from different states to korea. i still dont kno if tht man is korean or jap. 7th period, heard tht mrs miller cried earlier cuz of th leave of th 8th graders, farewell to all of u becoming freshmens. me, erick, n chris helped mrs miller w/ stuff. andrew w helped her w/ stuff too, me n andrew woked to mrs ladwig's room to drop off th papers. it was too heavy for andrew so i switched w/ him. aftr tht skools ovr, i said good bye to all of th ppl n th l8rs to th 1s ill see in summr skool. so then chris took a las pic of me cuz i kno he'll miss me, but damn were gona meet in summr skool. aftr tht got hom n used my computr. chat w/ "her" not even for 10 mintutes, "she" was too busy. lakers was on, giving me heart attacks cuz they were bout to lose but fisher w/ those hot shots. n lakers win, for sure they will win th finals tis yr. toked to sergio on th fone bout plans for tmrrw n congratulated him for his graduation. wat a yr, it felt lik it went by fast but, its jus lik every ordinary yr.

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