Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Day... ^^

alrite so i was looking forward to meet up w/ sergio. my dad prepared breakfast, ate a lot of croissant. it was all buttered n hot. it was soo good, it spoiled my lunch haha...:D. aftr tht called sergio n asked 1 time he wanted to go. he left w/ th bus, i left w/ my bro n he dropped me off at th mall. as i was waiting inside, i kept calling sergio n asking him wer he was. then i saw him came down from th eskalator, he was wearing a gray sweatr n got a new haircut. i didn notice cuz i didn rlly see him at th graduation. sam n adam cudnt make it, so it was jus me n sergio. so we watched terminator n b4 it started, me n sergio was toking bout stuff. th terminator wasnt a good movie, th action scenes was sick n so awesome tho :D ^^. but th story wasnt as great. aftr th movie, didn hav time to shop. sergio left w/ th bus n i waited for my bro to pick me up. th nxt time we watch a movie, were watching transformers 2 w/ th othrs or maybe w/ ci sabrina. haha aftr cell group was hanging out w/ austin n anthony. went home n bought wendy's. now im at home writing down my blog entry. im gona finish tis up here.

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