Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh wow!

the last blog entry i wrote was all nothing, except for the prayer i wrote tht was important which got deleted but o well God knos wat i said to Him. i rlly thot i was gona get in trouble but i didn even get involved. mr torres jus warned alex n tu li of the fight and if it happens again they will suffer consequences. didn rlly feel bad anymor, the guilt went away cuz nothing happened. les jus forget bout wat happened. during break i was hanging out w/ tu li n messin around w/ him as usual. but i dont wanna say anything tht will cause trouble like yesterday. aftr class was ovr, robert showed me n brian tht video of tu li n alex fighting. it was rlly funny, ill forget tht day but not the fight. cuz robert was gona post the video of them fighting on myspace. i was like yea u shud post it, brian told robert to name it the gayest fight cuz it was rlly funny n retarded. so like everything went well n no mor troubles. but it was VERY shocking to hear the news bout michael jackson. i jus cudnt believe tht he died from cardiac arrest. michael jackson was born the same yr as my mom, but my mom is like 3 or 4 months older i thnk. well im not tht much of a fan of michael jackson, but like hes not bad n not rlly gay. his songs were bak in the old days, the classical music. it wasnt even bad, a lot of ppl liked his music n my mom used to like his songs. michael jackson was a legend n the king of pop, i also heard tht farrah fawcett passed away. actually anothr celebrity died earlier this week. death is rlly spreading everywer, but God is w/ us! as for michael jackson the king of pop, i kno tht hes in God's hands. God will be watching ovr him. this world is changing, many bad things happen. "God, I speak to You right now Father. The world that You let us live in, this world needs You right now! Father, so many bad things are starting to occur. Many deaths being confirmed and people starting to act wrong and forgetting about their life. But I suspect that there is a purpose. There are reasons for everything, and we need to understand these reasons. I have fear of what's gonna happen in the future Father, can you just please help me right now. I confess any sins that I've committed today and I repent. I'm sorry Father, I ask for Your forgiveness and I know that I can't stand being alone. Father, this whole world needs You. And I wanna thank You for Your forgiveness. Now I'm gonna close this prayer, and just please protect us and guide us in Your loving hand. In Your Name Father, we pray, AMEN!"

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