Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

today was pretty much a good day. les see, i stayed home during aftrnoon taking a nap. then jeremy came ovr cuz he was gona play drums for my cuzin's band n brandon the guitar of course. so jeremy stayed here for bout 30 minutes or an hour. we played street fighter, not rlly his game but hes good at nba games. we played street home court tho, but he was still pretty good. my cuzin came to pick up me, jeremy, n brandon. then we went to my cuzin's church. it was an art auction thingy i dont kno wat its called. so marissa, brandon, n jeremy practiced 2 times b4 they were gona perform in front of the ppl. they practiced at the church room, n me n jeremy brought the drum sets to the place they were all at. we ate first b4 they performed, there was tis 1 band called "salt water." im not sure if theyre famous, but they sold their own songs. while they were playing, marissa, brandon, jeremy, n me went outside to eat n feel a littl entertained while eating :D. marissa n me had a littl convo n jeremy n brandon had their own littl convo. tis 1 lady came outside to tell us tht our band was nxt. haha i wasnt even part of the band, but i did help out. we cudnt thnk of a name for our band, so the lady jus called it "marissa n company" :D. we were all like ummm... okkay.... haha :D. marissa sang good but jeremy n brandon were playing a littl too fast, so marissa had to sing a littl faster. but they did well, n the ppl were a like sing anothr song. so the 3 of em were all thnking of wat to sing nxt cuz they only prepared 1 song. they jus thot of a christian song cuz it was at church anyway. so they sang "jesus lover of my soul." well of course they did a fantastic job. aftr tht we went bak to the church room cuz it was cold ther n we were bored... so we were jus playing som music. jeremy plays good at piano, drums, n guitar, n hes pretty talented. we sang "im yours" n othr christian songs cuz we were bored. marissa forgot som of the lyrics of "im yours" so she used jeremy's fone to check the lyrics. aftr a while, jeremy told me to grab som food n eat w/ him. so we were getting food n eating. me n jeremy were jus toking bout stuff n eating, then he was finished but took my chicken. he asked me if i wanted it, n i was like nahh jus go for it. but he told me to get anothr 1 cuz he said tht he didn wanna make himself look like a pig. brandon was all like dang u guys are pigs!! i was all like shut up fag haha jk :D. we were finishing up, n aftr tht me n jeremy moved the drum set bak to the church room. every1 was all telling "marissa n company" tht they were all good. most of the ppl were old tho, but the "salt water" said they were good n marissa told them tht she was gona buy their songs but she didn bring money. i hav to say i rlly doubt tht she was gona buy their songs :D. i carried the drum set w/ jeremy n tis kool young guy saw me n was all like u guys did great. i was all like but i wasnt even playing. then he was all saying well u helped out the band. so im like yea thts true :D. wen we left, brandon left his yellow guitar pick ther n jeremy left his sunglasses ther. mr nelson aka "step uncle rick from texas" said tht he was gona get them tmrrw n return it to brandon n jeremy. so we dropped off jeremy, n they dropped off me n brandon. today was a good day aftr all, my bro went to mc donalds to meet up w/ his friend who wrks ther. so he gets it free if he buys at least 1 thing. i told my bro for 2 mc doubles n french fries. now im gona finish up my blog entry while eating my burger n fries.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh wow!

the last blog entry i wrote was all nothing, except for the prayer i wrote tht was important which got deleted but o well God knos wat i said to Him. i rlly thot i was gona get in trouble but i didn even get involved. mr torres jus warned alex n tu li of the fight and if it happens again they will suffer consequences. didn rlly feel bad anymor, the guilt went away cuz nothing happened. les jus forget bout wat happened. during break i was hanging out w/ tu li n messin around w/ him as usual. but i dont wanna say anything tht will cause trouble like yesterday. aftr class was ovr, robert showed me n brian tht video of tu li n alex fighting. it was rlly funny, ill forget tht day but not the fight. cuz robert was gona post the video of them fighting on myspace. i was like yea u shud post it, brian told robert to name it the gayest fight cuz it was rlly funny n retarded. so like everything went well n no mor troubles. but it was VERY shocking to hear the news bout michael jackson. i jus cudnt believe tht he died from cardiac arrest. michael jackson was born the same yr as my mom, but my mom is like 3 or 4 months older i thnk. well im not tht much of a fan of michael jackson, but like hes not bad n not rlly gay. his songs were bak in the old days, the classical music. it wasnt even bad, a lot of ppl liked his music n my mom used to like his songs. michael jackson was a legend n the king of pop, i also heard tht farrah fawcett passed away. actually anothr celebrity died earlier this week. death is rlly spreading everywer, but God is w/ us! as for michael jackson the king of pop, i kno tht hes in God's hands. God will be watching ovr him. this world is changing, many bad things happen. "God, I speak to You right now Father. The world that You let us live in, this world needs You right now! Father, so many bad things are starting to occur. Many deaths being confirmed and people starting to act wrong and forgetting about their life. But I suspect that there is a purpose. There are reasons for everything, and we need to understand these reasons. I have fear of what's gonna happen in the future Father, can you just please help me right now. I confess any sins that I've committed today and I repent. I'm sorry Father, I ask for Your forgiveness and I know that I can't stand being alone. Father, this whole world needs You. And I wanna thank You for Your forgiveness. Now I'm gonna close this prayer, and just please protect us and guide us in Your loving hand. In Your Name Father, we pray, AMEN!"

Friday, June 12, 2009

Good Day... ^^

alrite so i was looking forward to meet up w/ sergio. my dad prepared breakfast, ate a lot of croissant. it was all buttered n hot. it was soo good, it spoiled my lunch haha...:D. aftr tht called sergio n asked 1 time he wanted to go. he left w/ th bus, i left w/ my bro n he dropped me off at th mall. as i was waiting inside, i kept calling sergio n asking him wer he was. then i saw him came down from th eskalator, he was wearing a gray sweatr n got a new haircut. i didn notice cuz i didn rlly see him at th graduation. sam n adam cudnt make it, so it was jus me n sergio. so we watched terminator n b4 it started, me n sergio was toking bout stuff. th terminator wasnt a good movie, th action scenes was sick n so awesome tho :D ^^. but th story wasnt as great. aftr th movie, didn hav time to shop. sergio left w/ th bus n i waited for my bro to pick me up. th nxt time we watch a movie, were watching transformers 2 w/ th othrs or maybe w/ ci sabrina. haha aftr cell group was hanging out w/ austin n anthony. went home n bought wendy's. now im at home writing down my blog entry. im gona finish tis up here.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Last Day of Skool... T_T :D

well tis yr was great. i got to meet new ppl n they became my best allies. we didn bring our bakpaks cuz its th las day of skool. 1st period, watched csi n fell asleep n chris was taking random pics of me n michael. 2nd period, signed yr books watever :D. then as i was woking to 3rd, saw sergio, sam, n andrew a. didn see sadam, he was probably hiding cuz they were all dressed formal. 3rd period, mrs moran wasnt ther but she gav us wrk to do. mrs morans th wrst, well i guessed on it anyway so w/e. didn see sergio, sam, andrew a, n adam. theyve all passed on to th nxt lvl. farewell my allies, but meeting sergio tmrrw at th movies. PE did nothing, 6th period, mr yen showed us a video of his trip w othr teachrs from different states to korea. i still dont kno if tht man is korean or jap. 7th period, heard tht mrs miller cried earlier cuz of th leave of th 8th graders, farewell to all of u becoming freshmens. me, erick, n chris helped mrs miller w/ stuff. andrew w helped her w/ stuff too, me n andrew woked to mrs ladwig's room to drop off th papers. it was too heavy for andrew so i switched w/ him. aftr tht skools ovr, i said good bye to all of th ppl n th l8rs to th 1s ill see in summr skool. so then chris took a las pic of me cuz i kno he'll miss me, but damn were gona meet in summr skool. aftr tht got hom n used my computr. chat w/ "her" not even for 10 mintutes, "she" was too busy. lakers was on, giving me heart attacks cuz they were bout to lose but fisher w/ those hot shots. n lakers win, for sure they will win th finals tis yr. toked to sergio on th fone bout plans for tmrrw n congratulated him for his graduation. wat a yr, it felt lik it went by fast but, its jus lik every ordinary yr.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

obviously its today

im bald now...:D.

Yesterdays Entry

today was renaissance but i call it th awards. 1st period was normal, then went to renaissance rite aftr. a lot of ppl didn go cuz they were too lazy to raise their grades. th 1st dance in th awards was ok, but th 2nd dance w/ th glowy sticks n rihanna music was SICK!!!...:D. 3rd part 3 madonnas which were mr chang, mr peters, n mr allen. mr peters was mor dressed lik madonna. but mr chang had style n attitude to be madonna. even if he didn look tht much lik madonna he still won. a lot of th smart ppl got th bronzy. they were too lazy to raise up their grades. only a few ppl got th silver n gold awards n medals. aftr renaissance th periods got shorter. i didn see sam, sergio, sadam, michael, n andrew a go to renaissance. theyre not smart enough haha...:D. 7th period, we were suppose to get th poems all recited but time was shortened n we had to turn in out lap tops. i got a strike for a broken part in th lap top. 1 strike= warning, 2 strikes= u do not want to get anothr, 3rd strike= ur out w/ th restricted use. well those lap tops were cheap n not soo expensive. l8r were gona get bettr 1s tht r note book shaped. i got home "she" was on, but i didn get to tok to "her" cuz she went on 2 minutes b4 we had to go to cell group. it was fun especially w/ austin making jokes during mini cell n scaring patricia. hes kool but jus a littl annoying. me n him challenged sam 2 on 3 at basketball. les jus say tht we got beaten rlly bad. andrew, jeremy, george, jessie, all those ppl came rite aftr. they made a new game w/ real players. sam was all telling them tht me n austin suk n all tht crap. it didn matter, so aftr tht i went home n my bro dropped off jenifer 1 of michelle's friend. cell group wudve been bettr w/ michelle ther. n i got home was chatting w/ ryu n marissa on fb. me n marissa started a covo on ryus wall bout plans for th summer. ryu joined in aftr a few comments. i was chatting w/ him on fb chat. i was all toking to him bout wat happened w/ kyori, me, n "her". i told ryu stuff bout it. then i told him som of my secrets. aftr tht he had to go n yea. ahh ryu n marissa 1 of my 2 favrit cuzins. went to sleep aftr tht.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thursday's Entry

i ma skip to 6th period. cuz honestly, i forgot wat happened b4. ok so i was panicing cuz nxt period we were gona hav to recite our poems. i forgot to memorize all of em. but edgar reminded me tht we were gona hav a 7th grade party during 7th. i was lik omg... thank God i forgot bout th party. then 7th period mrs miller called for volunteers brave enough to do th poems first. n aftr tht we went to th 7th grade party, it was good cuz they had hot cheetos n they put nacho cheese on it n ther was candy n stuff. chris was all eating n i jacked som from him. he was all lik u want th rest bro? so i was lik no thx but thanks chris. aftr th party went home n stuff. yeaaa "she" was on. we were toking n stuff n so many things happened on fb between me, her, n my cuzin. haha "she" said tht my cuzin was hot n "she" wud go out w/ him. wow, i wud wanna mak tht happen even if i... watever. a littl mor details while i was chattin w/ her. my bro made japanese marinated chicken. th taste was VERY good. n aftr tht chatting n stuff then th day was finished.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


okk.... so today ther was a softball game. we brought our chairs outside to sit down n watch th game. teachrs vs students, teachrs suk students rock. mr chang missed th batting. sam was showing skills n spirit. i sat w/ michael, andrew w, n chris. michael kept spitting, chris obssessed w/ power rangers. andrew was bored. n wen th softball gam was ovr, students won n teachrs lost. of course teachrs lost cuz theyre old...:D. mrs lira was playing tis yr, i wondered why she was in a bad mood. ivanna n eddy got a refferal for whistling, happens all th tim. during lunch, i was w/ th gang n me n sergio cutted in th lunch line to meet up w/ th othrs, but we got caught. its fun getting in trouble once in a while. n andrew n sergio woked by brian munshower n brian thot they were gona steal his gatorade aftr lunch. sergio was being all funny. manuel, cabbage patch boy was quiet. rodney was making bad jokes tht wasnt even funny. sadam came back, he cam bak w/ th ozzy osbourne look. 5th period, no pe cuz its ovr. me, sadam, michael, andrew a, sam, sergio, n andrew w were playing basketball n messin around. n 7th period, we had to practice poems cuz tmrrw were gona recite em. i wok hom aftr w/ edgar we jus toked on th way hom. i went to aim n stuff n chatted w/ "her". haha "she" thnks my cuzin is hot in 1 of th photos. funny story, but too long n i dont wanna share it. so now im gona finish up my blog.

Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm envious....

hmmm.... today ummm... o yea we had a sub for 1st n 2nd period. ms g as always, probably th best sub. well i ma skip to lunch. so lunch uhh... ate w/ sam n andrew a n brian munshower sitting alone at th end of th table. th weirdest kid in th whole skool, he doesnt hav 1 friend. we were sitting at th table n he cries n leaves. then he coms bak n manuel aka cabbage patch coms n sits w/us. brian leaves n cries again. n sam all telling brian to go away aftr he coms bak for th 4th tim. n he becam very pissed, he threw his gatorade at sam n hit my leg. th boy got issues, thts why no1 in th skool liks him. hes short n chubby n has th voice of a kindergarten n has blonde hair. his face is also freaky. sam picked up his gatorade n didn giv it bak till lisa saw him. aftr tht chewbacca, rodney, n adam cam. i call adam sadam cuz hes lik a terrorist, but he looks lik ozzy osbourne. sam n andrew opened my backpack wen i wasnt looking n stole my mini cap from my keys. i was lik wtf how did they tak it off. but yea i let them keep it cuz i didn need tht mini cap. th rest of th whole skool day nothing interesting. wen i got hom, i chatted w/ "her" toking n stuff. but not for long, she always has to do somthing. n i dont kno wat else to writ bout.