Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm envious....

hmmm.... today ummm... o yea we had a sub for 1st n 2nd period. ms g as always, probably th best sub. well i ma skip to lunch. so lunch uhh... ate w/ sam n andrew a n brian munshower sitting alone at th end of th table. th weirdest kid in th whole skool, he doesnt hav 1 friend. we were sitting at th table n he cries n leaves. then he coms bak n manuel aka cabbage patch coms n sits w/us. brian leaves n cries again. n sam all telling brian to go away aftr he coms bak for th 4th tim. n he becam very pissed, he threw his gatorade at sam n hit my leg. th boy got issues, thts why no1 in th skool liks him. hes short n chubby n has th voice of a kindergarten n has blonde hair. his face is also freaky. sam picked up his gatorade n didn giv it bak till lisa saw him. aftr tht chewbacca, rodney, n adam cam. i call adam sadam cuz hes lik a terrorist, but he looks lik ozzy osbourne. sam n andrew opened my backpack wen i wasnt looking n stole my mini cap from my keys. i was lik wtf how did they tak it off. but yea i let them keep it cuz i didn need tht mini cap. th rest of th whole skool day nothing interesting. wen i got hom, i chatted w/ "her" toking n stuff. but not for long, she always has to do somthing. n i dont kno wat else to writ bout.

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