Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thursday's Entry

i ma skip to 6th period. cuz honestly, i forgot wat happened b4. ok so i was panicing cuz nxt period we were gona hav to recite our poems. i forgot to memorize all of em. but edgar reminded me tht we were gona hav a 7th grade party during 7th. i was lik omg... thank God i forgot bout th party. then 7th period mrs miller called for volunteers brave enough to do th poems first. n aftr tht we went to th 7th grade party, it was good cuz they had hot cheetos n they put nacho cheese on it n ther was candy n stuff. chris was all eating n i jacked som from him. he was all lik u want th rest bro? so i was lik no thx but thanks chris. aftr th party went home n stuff. yeaaa "she" was on. we were toking n stuff n so many things happened on fb between me, her, n my cuzin. haha "she" said tht my cuzin was hot n "she" wud go out w/ him. wow, i wud wanna mak tht happen even if i... watever. a littl mor details while i was chattin w/ her. my bro made japanese marinated chicken. th taste was VERY good. n aftr tht chatting n stuff then th day was finished.

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