Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nothing is True and Everything is Permitted

wok up tis morning, n i wanted to sleep again cuz it was lik 8. i forgot wat i was dreaming bout las nite. tho w/e, my bro wok up n took a quick shower. i took shower rite aftr he did. in th middle of tht, brandon knocked on th door telling me to hurry up cuz vincent had to tak a shower. so i was rushing n hurrying. i ate pancakes for breakfast. got ready aftr tht, n parents rushing me cuz we hav to go to church. n wen i got ther, not a lot of ppl was ther. dennis n anthony showed up a while aftr. th 3 of us were woking down, n i saw naomi wok by n i was whispering to anthony n dennis tht she looks emo. well i was jk around, she was wearing bright yellow on top. then we were at th vending machine, anthony n dennis trying to steal snacks from th snack machine w/ a stick. i was covering them. aftr tht church was starting n we were singing n praising. aftr th sermon was don, michelle did a VERY good testimony bout wat happened on friday. God is her savior n He healed her twice from asma n on friday. also wen she was sick, Hes always been ther for her. its a miracle, michelle believes tht God's amazing powers can wrk n has a purpose. wat a beautiful experience tht happened to michelle. His powers can wrk for all of us. He is th true hero n savior in our life. aftr church i was hanging out w/ edmund, hes pretty kool. tania called me n i was in trouble cuz naomi heard tht i said tht she was emo. n she was crying. they said they wanted to understand wat happened. i can tell tht sally wasnt rlly mad but tania was. i apologized naomi for wat happened, but dennis or anthony probably said it rite in front of her face. those bad boys apologize in a weird way. then i went bak to edmund n tok to him till i left. awesome person, hes quiet n not annoying. i ate at sate house w/ my parents n aftr tht went to baptism. anthony getting baptised horray!!! :D. n i was hanging out w/ jeremy, patricia, adreannie, n eddy. adreannie's hair is all dry n had white spots. jeremy picked som up, but it kept dropping. we sang a song for anthony aftr he got baptized. got hom aftr, computr n stuff. so now ive reached th 2nd las week of skool. now idk wat else to writ bout.

Short Entry -_- :D

ima writ a short blog entry for today. startin to get lazy to write blogs but o well, now ima tell u bout my day. tis morning, i was sleepy cuz las nite i stayed up pretty l8 till 3 haha. i wok up at 9 today. then i went to my computer, chatting w/ chris n played games for a bit. every1 left, my parents went somwer, n my 3 bros went to music practice except for brandon but he was to meet up w/ our parents. so it was soo awesom staying home alone, no rapists or molesters surrounding th house, if they did i wud kick their butt. n n th whole tim i was jus chattin w/ my friends n michelle. thank God shes ok, but her knee is still hurting a bit. at leas i was ther for her, being a tru friend to her. we were chatting pretty long, almost half th day. b4 tht i went out n ate w/ my bro n parents. th buffet was good but made us full. n i cudnt eat my cheese cake cuz th waiter took my fork. my mom told me to get it from th othr table, so i grabbed it but som lady saw me n was all telling me tht its being used. i felt lik a crazy person jus stealing a fork from a random table w/ som weird lady. so i ate my cheese cake w/ chopsticks n my bro was all laughing. wen i was hom, "she" was on so i tok to her. "she" said tht "she" was srry she didn answer las tim. but we didn chat long cuz "she" had to leave. well i alredy made one very awesom girl's day. i dont kno wat else to write, i was gona mak tis entry short, but im not even sure if its short or long... :D.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

hee hee haha haha :D

at 1st period mrs lira didn com n it was a sub yess. but th sub was all strict n stuff, n ppl didn want to listen n jus wanted to tok. th teacher wasnt tht mean n wasnt rlly bad looking. well she skipped porfolios during 2nd period. th wrk tht i guessed on didn hav to be turned in n get graded so tht was good. 3rd period, testing n i didn study cuz i was too lazy. edgar, joo, javi, n me didn finish yet. so mrs moran let us grab lunch first n then we went bak n finished our test. th othrs did but i didn. cuz i didn study n most of all didn understand all of it. but we were out of tim so mrs moran told me to finish it on monday. i gav her th test n pencil, then she smiled at me. i said goodbye to her n she told me to hav a good week n stuff. today mrs moran wasnt mean which was awkward. during 5th period, we ran th mile. it was easy, i only stopped for 5 seconds. i felt lik running n it was hurting a bit, but im not giving up cuz God tells me tht i can do my best. aftr tht i was hanging out w/ andrew n adam toking bout stuff n th summer. then 6th period, mr yen had to do somthing so th sub for mrs lira cam n watched th class. she was staring at sebastian n julian, those 2 brats. julian has a VERY messy bak pak. crumbled papers n all crap n junk in his bak pak. th sub was all disappointed by julian's junk. thts why u keep ur stuff organized. then 7th period, i brought my laptop n charger to return, but mrs miller said tht thers a littl delay so we hav to return th laptops n chargers nxt friday. we didn do much in tht class. i got hom, was bored so played games n killing ppl jus for fun :D. my aunt cam w/ her youngest daughter ayu, n shes big now. cell group was fun, but michelle popped her knee cap or somthing, i didn kno th whole story. i didn kno wat happened cuz i was playing basketball w/ austin, anthony, n matt. so michelle left early n i wish i was ther for her. i wish tht i can jus protect her :). i kno im always ther for her no mattr wat. aftr tht mini cell went to middle skool. autsin kept toking n anthony was laughing n watever. then aftr tht me n anthony went outside to shoot hoops. george cam n shoot hoops w/ us. anthony left aftr tht, n george was teaching me how to shoot rite. jessie cam aftr tht so th 3 of us were outside, george was toking to jessie bout stuff n he kept passing me th ball to shoot. jeremy, ironman, n vincent not my bro but jon's friend challenged me, george, n jessie. george was all pro w/ th shots n jessie was jus playing funny but shes soo tall tht she shud be able to shoot good 1s. then austin n jon joined in, jon in our team, n austin on theirs. didn kno who was winning cuz we didn keep score. a few minutes l8r, austin n jessie left n panda played on their team. panda was pretty good, kept tricking me. we started all ovr aftr a few mor plays, vincent went to our team. so it was me, jon, vincent, n george against ironman, jeremy, panda, n eddy. haha jon n george kept making alleyloops n me n vincent jus played. jon jus told me to stick to panda lik a glue. my bro called me cuz we were gona go hom cuz it was getting l8, bernard showed up saying good bye to us cuz hes going to indo. n then we went hom. got hom, n took a shower, n now im finishing up my blog n its 12:57, gona stay up till 3 th latest. now ima go, l8rs...:DD.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Skools almost donee...:D ^^

wow i didn write my blog yesterday. o well it doesnt matter, ill be writing my blogs wenever i hav tim to. today 1st period was great, we watch tis sad video bout HIV n AIDES. a pregnant woman w/ HIV n giving birth to her children. th older son didn obtain HIV but th younger daughter did. tis story is sad but im too lazy to tell u guys bout it. anyways, 2nd period we took a test, it wasnt hard. then mrs lira let us do our hw. for 2nd n 1st period we didn hav hw yesss!!! n mrs lira let us out wen class wasnt ovr by accident. andrew, enrique, elijah, joe, n etc were all hiding in th bathroom. i dont kno wat i was doing so i went bak to mrs lira's class. chris n mike jus went to 3rd period. nothing interesting during 3rd period except joo pulled my chair away from me so wen i sat down i fell n hurt my butt. aftr, we jus did lame classwrk n test tmrrw damn... :D. during lunch, eating w/ javi, eric, n eddy. then i was hanging out w/ sam n sergio. i didn tok to adam tht much today. 5th period no PE we jus had to wok to laps n i was jus toking to sam n michael while woking. me n erick planned to go to th mall n watch a movie during th summer, cant wait. aftr we finished th laps, me sam n andrew went to watch them play kickball w/ joo. joo told me n andrew to play kickball but andrew twisted his ankle n my butt hurts aftr wat happened during 3rd. 6th period, nothing much. 7th period we didn hav much tim cuz we were gona vote for th president for nxt yr. we watch those lame videos telling us to vote for them. id rathr vote for allysa for president than lupita. for vp, i voted for karina cuz shes mor nicer than hailey. aftr all tht, went bak to th class n got ready to go. me n chris took photos, so wen i got hom i changed my myspace pic. n of course "she" was on aim, unlike michelle i hav th guts to say hi. but "she" didn reply bak so i was lik wtf thts gay. i dont kno if "she" was busy or not. well watever, i dont wanna bothr or stalk "her". since i rlly didn hav hw, i was jus on my computr n watching scrubs. i jus remembered tht laptops had to be turned in tmrrw. i lost my charger but my bro found it. so i thanked him. now im writing my blog n drinking coke. well then, ima go peace. :D ^^

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Lock Down... :P

so today i went bak to skool, n ther was th science test. damn, i forgot to study. oh well watever i guess... :D. then aftr tht testing period cam, was on chris's laptop cuz i needed to save my battery. n during 2nd period, th bell rang strangely. then cops walked by n mr torres. we had no idea wat was going on. but it becam a lock down. i saw anthony getting involved, th cops searched his backpack. wow i was all happy cuz i thot he was gona get arrested haha... jk :D. they let anthony go bak into th classroom. altho anthony wasnt th only victim or suspect, i saw robert n jessica getting involved. jessica went somwer w/ mr torres n robert was toking to th cops. maybe they brought drugs or somthing lol xD. but i nu jessica since 5th grade, she wudnt do anything tht crazy. same thing for rob. so th cops brought dogs to search all th backpacks in every classroom. well we were told to stand in single file line. cops were stricted, but theyre jus doing ther job. therefore, class period became mor shorter including th test period. 3rd n 7th period were being skipped n othr classses were very short. haha lock downs mak th skool day great. aftr tht me n chris were gona tak pics, but i decided tht we tak em tmrrw. so wen i got hom, i was using th computer n all tht stuff. "she" was on, but her status made me thnk she wasnt in th mood for chattin, so tmrrw or th nxt day then. well skools almost ovr, i didn expect it to be lik tis. tim jus goes on fast. but im taking summer skool for 3 weeks only n 1 class. idk wat else to write, well c ya.

Monday, May 25, 2009

BBQ day ^_^

ok so today was th BBQ. in th morning, breakfast n shower. played sf 4 for a bit n i killed brandon. wen we left, we picked up tania n went to th BBQ. well not too many ppl were ther at th beginning, but aftr tht mor ppl cam. then we played scavenger hunt. it was rlly fun n a lot of running. it was high skool n middle skool against college. we spent too much tim n searched for th things on th list. we found em but we were too l8. jonathan was lik th leader, n we were doing team wrk. aftr tht water balloon, pairing up w/ 2 ppl. it was short tho. then daniel cam, i havent seen him for quite a while. n lunch was ready so we ate n then anthony cam too. me n dan were hanging out. we also played football n baseball for a littl while. dan was messing up th volleyball gam using a baseball bat. haha it was funny. i saw dodo com, then me dan n dodowent to th basketball court n played basketball. dodo trying to thnk hes all good, dan jus being a dork. freakin dan threw th ball at me n jammed. so then me n dan got a drink aftr tht, then he left. volleyball then, was playing w/ michelle, ka lun, sally, patricia, n som1 else i forgot who. well im not tht into volleyball, basketball was mor of my type of sport. i was mostly hanging out n chillin. i was also playing basketball w/ kevin, he beat me but we still had fun. kevin is annoying but he is still a good friend, jus annoying. so then i was jus hanging out n stuff for th rest of th tim i had at th BBQ. went i went hom, stop by at th food mart to buy gatorade. my bro bought it n i dont repay him bak. he dont let me, even tho we still argue n stuff, ill always luv tht guy. then i got hom, had our own BBQ, kinda. hahahahaha... i feel lik toking to "her".... well dunno wat else to write. bye peeps :D.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

So Sundayy...

i wok up tis morning n went to th bathroom to tak a shower. then breakfast n got ready for church. wen i got ther, no 1 was ther, so i was bored till i saw patricia. we went down jus toking n stuff. but th madness going on between pat n sally started to becom an issue. not rlly big tho. but yea, i dont wanna get involved anymor w/dramas or watever. then i was waiting for anthony, he cam pretty l8. we were jus toking bout stuff, im not gona say. then dennis interrupted w/ a boring story we didn even listen to. aftr tht patricia told me to sit w/ her, but she was alredy sitting in th middle. i jus sat w/ anthony, i dont even tok to him tht much. during church, we sang n worshiped n stuff. then we watched tis clip from som movie, its about a coach pushing hard on a player on his team to encourage him to keep on going n nevr giv up. it relates to 1 of th stories to th Bible. then aftr service they were making announcements n andrew was holding a birthday party at his house. i was planning to go but my bros had to do othr things. i was rlly bored wen i was hom, so i took a nap for a bit. i watched tv for a bit aftr tht n then computer. "she" was on aim, so wen i saw her stat, i decided to chat w/ her. yess, we chat longer than we did yesterday. i can get along w/ her pretty good. i also made up funny jokes n she laughed at them. wow, i hope somday we can tok in person. so tmrrw BBQ, n hope we hav funn. thts all for today, good nite ppl.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Snakes taste very good

ok so umm... today i woke up, went on my computer n tok to my friends. i skipped breakfast tis morning, n i dont kno why. i remembered today i was gona go places w/ vincent, tania, n ray. but ray didn com cuz he went to th mall instead. so me n my bro went to tania's house n picked her up. first we went to mcdonald's to eat lunch. we hung out ther for a bit n ate. aftr tht we went to frank and sons. its a place wer they hav al ot of good n rare junk. it was fun looking around. som of th stuff r cheap, but a lot r very expensive. man its lik everything ther has to be urs. so we were looking around, my bro found marvel vs capcom, it was lik 70 bucks. wow even old games r very rare. i didn kno wat to buy. haha th frog wallet from naruto was ther. i shudve got tht item. but instead i got those kool looking gloves. it was only 8 dollars n i brought 11. but vincent jus bought it without me paying. he is rlly nice, but still i want to buy my own things nxt tim. finally we went to tania's house. cuz me n my bro brought tekken 5 n street fighter. tania was pretty good at tekken, she beat me at almost every round. i was only good w/ 1 character. but in street fighter, i pwned both tania n my bro. still, vincent was still bettr than me. aft tht we went hom, i took a nap for a while n yea... :D. i went on my computer again n got a message from "her". i jus asked her for her sn so we can jus tok on aim. n i found out tht she moved, n shes in anothr state. dammit!! she used to liv around my area too. but oh well, ill chat w/ her online. well i dont wanna write anymor... goodbye now.

Ah.... Fridayy....:D

today during 1st period, nothing rlly interesting happened. but during th testing period while th 8th graders were testing, it was funny. first i finished all my wrk for th nxt class so i dont get in trouble. then me, michael, n andrew wer messing w/ chris's laptop while hes doing somthing. haha, we changed his background wallpaper on his laptop. we changed it to this 1 rlly gay band, power rangers, n barbie. michael was crackin up lik always n andrew jus giggled a littl. then we went on to chris's myspace, uploaded barbie pictures, n changed his default to barbie haha :D. andrew changed chris's status, n i changed his details. but aftr tht chris went on n changed everything bak. well chris doesnt get mad at all. u can say tht chris has no emotions n doesnt rlly care if we mess around w/ him. but its dtill wrong to mak his life miserable, altho it was a lott of funn. im jus gona skip on to 5th period, so tht tim we had no PE againn. n we played basketball n michael woking up to karina. it looked lik he was gona ask her out, but he jus gav her a quarter. but i nevr nu tht michael liked her, now to blackmail him!!!.....jk :D. well aftr tht nothing else interesting happened till got hom. i went on my computr n kept staring on those hot pics of "her". but i mite get bored of tht rlly soon... so anyways, was jus chatting n stuff. then i went to cell group, paul gave me n sally drum lessons, wow sally did bettr than me today. n patricia introduced me to her friends hannah, chris, n aaron. wow hannah doesnt look lik a 6th grader, n she looks mature. haha my bro vincent fell into th pool trying to sav th ball wen they were playing basketball. good thing he brought extra clothes. aftr tht we played a gam called "cat n mice". it was fun n eddy n my bro brandon w/ th injuries, but they werent injured n not even hurt at all haha. then we sang n worshiped our Lord Jesus. then we divided into mini cells, middle skoo n high. it was great, we shared things n learned mor. so aftr tht i stayed ther pretty l8. i was jus in th pool room, playing pool, then a bit l8r it was tim to go. now im jus writing my blog, n tis weekend will be great. tmrrw we go somwer, then go to tania's house. sunday church, n i wanna invite my friends for th BBQ on monday. thts why on monday, were gona chill n hang out n play basketball at suzanne park. well i guess thts all... i will say tis again, NOW GO AWAY!!!...jk :D.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursdayy :D ^_^

well today was a normal day i guess. nothing rlly bad happened, i wasnt l8 tis tim n i put my best effort in learning. but during lunch, som kid got in a fite w/ 1 of my friends. i didn do anything to hurt tht kid, i guess he jus thnks im scary. but im obviously big, but i dont hurt any1. it was pretty fun during lunch n 5th period. i was play football w/ andrew w, sam, n andrew a. i was teamates w/ andrew w against sam n andrew a. we got bored cuz it was jus th 4 of us n serg n adam were playing basketball. so we played tht instead, n th 2 andrews making up funny n nasty jokes. wen i got to 6th, mr yen didn keep us after th bell cuz th class wasnt tht noisy today. tht class is easy, i always pass th keyboarding quiz cuz obviously u will always pass if u kno how to type. then 7th period was th same as usual. after tht i got home, changing chris's default on myspace n messin around w/ it. i also went to fb n got anothr message from "her" again. th new photos she uploaded were sooo... beautiful. i jus wanna tok to her mor n get to kno her bettr. i also copied n saved those pretty photos, jus to stare at em all nite... jk :D. my mom came home with el pollo loco. she gets mad cuz of 1 single mistake, we were missing 2 chicken peices. then me n my bro went to el pollo loco jus to pick up 2 peices of chicken. it was a rlly waste of tim wasting gas n tht made my bro get all pissed, but it doesnt matter anymor. so today was probably a good day i guess... n i owe all of tis day to God. He changed my life ever since i got baptized. now, i will follo His word n footsteps, n ill do w/e He says, n i wont refuse. so thts my day for today... Now go away!!! jk :D ^__^.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Its not over

well ima write bout wat happened today. so career day was fun n all n class period were shorter, yess... :D. but not every thing went well. ok so every thing went well till i got to 7th period. i was late AGAIN but for 7th period. it was rlly messed up. then we were suppose to go to 1st period after 7th n th bell rang VERY quick. so tht tim i was l8 for no homosexual reason!!!! u thnk its th skools fault. tis skool got lik th lowest. i rlly wanna move, but im closer to tis 1 n i dont wanna leave my friends. dude if i get 1 mor tardy for 1st period, IM SCREWED!!!! i feel lik nothing seems rite, but i kno wen i hav problems lik these, God can help me. cuz Hes always here for us, w/e th case. i need Him everyday, i jus dont kno wat to do without God. i jus want Him to forgive me for all th sins ive commited. i kno ive committed A LOT of sins, but im not th only person. n i believe in Him... i jus need Him to show me wat to do. God's Grace is rlly powerful, n it maks me feel ashamed for everything ive done wrong. i rlly dont deserved His Grace. but Hes telling me... tht i need His Grace. He also forgives me for all th sins ive committed, n even if im gona continue. cuz He knos tht inside me... i rlly am His son. so becuz of His Grace, i wont give up. i will stand, w/ God on my side. n i will continue praising n worshiping Him. thank u God, u rlly saved my life. ur th reason tht i liv, th reason tht i sing... with all i am.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So it was th nxt day, i wasnt l8 2 skool yess... :P. so anyways, 1st period i shot som1 n they died!!! jk jk... well nothing interesting during 1st. 2nd period we jus did wrk, i was helping joo n joal n toking w/ them. haha joo drew a funny picture of naruto n it was retarded. wen i got to 3rd period, sheesh it was soo boring till every1 was toking n a lot of ppl got in trouble. joo was rlly funny, not following directions n jus moving on. then mrs moran got up n was woking lik a monkey n took joo's papers n threw em away. then he had to write sentences. he rlly did a poor job of writing it, so he got into mor trouble. wow somtimes he jus doesnt kno wat hes doing. then during lunch hanging out w/ my friends. sergio n adam making funny n nasty jokes as always. crud, we had to do th mile during 5th period. i had to ditch sergio n sam cuz theyre too slow. adam jus taks off as always. so my time, it was a good time but not good enough to beat adam's record. then we played basketball n toked bout making plans ovr th summer. 6th period, jus doing our journals in th computer n i always get an A in tht class so no wrries. so tht leaves to 7th period, well nothing much but chris bought a microphone pen but i didn wan it. so he jus wasted 3 dollars but thts only a littl. then we did classwrk n i was toking to my friends n not doing wrk which mrs miller thot i was doing. but instead i jus copied. wow bobby still liks power rangers, wat a kid n he says he knos adults who still watch it. then i was lik th adults who watch power rangers r th 1s w/ no life. now i dont kno wat else to write. so c ya, n gtfo!!! jk... :D.

Monday, May 18, 2009

What a day... >_<

i wok up l8 tis morning, wok up at 7:44. i didn realize tht i ovrslept. well had a strange dream while i was asleep. i was gona be l8 for skool, n i was lik changing n everything. all of th sudden wen my dad yelled, n my bro was all lik dude go get changed n everything. i alredy nu i was gona be l8. wow my first tardy of th whole skool yr, i guess its hopeless to keep a good record. so lik nothing interesting happened then. till i got to 5th period, no PE sweet :D !!!! then i was sitting next to my friends michael n andrew. wow these 2 guys got w/ th same girl. but andrew got w/ her first. so we saw her wok by. u dont kno wat littl 6th grade girls do wen theyr bored... :P. but yea dont wanna say it. then i went to th lab, use th computer then...yea. till i got to 7th period, we were writing notes crap! then we went to th book fair to checkout stuff. all of th sudden ther was a blackout!!! we were all gona die!!!!!!! jk :D. then we head bak to th classroom, packed up n head out. chris my rival bought ice cream for me n andrew, thx chris. then i got home went to facebook n myspace. i didn expect to get a message from "her" on fb. haha she didn kno me at all till i told her. then i was bored so i was chatting n stuff, i was toking to joe an old friend of mine. well thts all now go away!!! :D.