Wednesday, June 3, 2009


okk.... so today ther was a softball game. we brought our chairs outside to sit down n watch th game. teachrs vs students, teachrs suk students rock. mr chang missed th batting. sam was showing skills n spirit. i sat w/ michael, andrew w, n chris. michael kept spitting, chris obssessed w/ power rangers. andrew was bored. n wen th softball gam was ovr, students won n teachrs lost. of course teachrs lost cuz theyre old...:D. mrs lira was playing tis yr, i wondered why she was in a bad mood. ivanna n eddy got a refferal for whistling, happens all th tim. during lunch, i was w/ th gang n me n sergio cutted in th lunch line to meet up w/ th othrs, but we got caught. its fun getting in trouble once in a while. n andrew n sergio woked by brian munshower n brian thot they were gona steal his gatorade aftr lunch. sergio was being all funny. manuel, cabbage patch boy was quiet. rodney was making bad jokes tht wasnt even funny. sadam came back, he cam bak w/ th ozzy osbourne look. 5th period, no pe cuz its ovr. me, sadam, michael, andrew a, sam, sergio, n andrew w were playing basketball n messin around. n 7th period, we had to practice poems cuz tmrrw were gona recite em. i wok hom aftr w/ edgar we jus toked on th way hom. i went to aim n stuff n chatted w/ "her". haha "she" thnks my cuzin is hot in 1 of th photos. funny story, but too long n i dont wanna share it. so now im gona finish up my blog.

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